About Eleanor

Eleanor has four male spirit guides, but one in particular has been beside Eleanor since the beginning – Crazy Laughing Horse.

As a child, Eleanor knew this strong Indian brave protected and guided her, they never spoke but communicated through their mind’s eye.

Crazy Laughing Horse seemed to disappear when Eleanor turned ten years old only to reappear in 2000 when her special gifts were identified.

In truth he had remained by her side. Her protector, guide and constant friend who would now show Eleanor her true path in life.

Eleanor is unique as she is able to soothe, heal, inspire, reassure and give hope and comfort to all who seek her.

Her gifts are from Gods millions of light years away and Eleanor is here to bring to this world her ‘special’ form of healing.

An Audience with Eleanor Dayton

"80 people sat still as statues, eyes riveted onto the small elegant figure of Eleanor Dayton. She spoke to one person near the front, telling her things that she shouldn’t possibly have known.

I felt the hair on the back of my head move and a shiver passed through me. As a psychologist trained to question and look for empirical evidence I realised I was witnessing something that can’t be explained by current knowledge.

Eleanor Dayton moved on to someone else, but first she talked about what she could hear, and asked the person to make themselves known. She already knew who it was but didn’t want to pick them out unless they wanted her to. Again she told them about a loved one – giving personal and detailed information that only the recipient could have known.

I felt tears prick in my eyes – the loved one had committed suicide and Eleanor’s words seemed to bring great comfort. I had never experienced anything like this before. As a psychic medium Eleanor was moving from person to person, spending time with them and always bringing comfort.

I don’t know how this happens, but have to believe the evidence of my own eyes and ears. Eleanor was not questioning the people she spoke to so they were not providing her with the answers. This was no clever stage act, but genuine communication.

What I witnessed was a truly gifted woman who is able to bring comfort to many people with abilities that are outside current scientific explanation. Even a hardened sceptic could not fail to be moved by the power of good that Eleanor is able to harness.

Thank you Eleanor for a truly unique and inspirational experience! You are able to connect with people on a level that touches the heart. Please keep on doing it!"

By Lorna McArthur

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